The need for transportation and connectivity continues. We’ve updated our installation policies to make sure we are being as safe as possible while we continue to install chargers at homes and businesses across East Anglia. 

What does this mean for your installation?  Here’s a quick guide:

Are you allowed to install my charger during lockdown?

  • Yes – The present rules allow us to continue to work, following certain procedures.
  • We follow the government guidelines for working safely in other people’s homes and workplaces during the coronavirus pandemic (which can be read here). We continue to review our own policies, based on official government advice.

What about your engineers?

  • As per our standard company policy, we carry out a risk assessment before starting any work. All of our staff and associates are up-to-date on this and aware of the guidance and procedures to follow.
  • We supply our staff with the PPE they need, plus anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitiser, which they use when appropriate.
  • Our engineers take a rapid-result COVID-19 test at the beginning of each working day, too. Should they return a positive test result, we will contact you to rearrange your installation. 
  •  If you or anyone in your household is self-isolating, shielding, or showing COVID-19 symptoms, please contact us before our engineer arrives. You will also need to let us know if anyone in your home has been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace service.

What would you like us to do when your engineer arrives?

Our engineers will seek to minimise the amount of time spent inside during the installation but, in almost all cases, work will need to be carried out within your property. Therefore we ask the following:

  • Please open windows to the fullest, and consider leaving relevant external doors open so these areas of work are well ventilated.
  • While our engineer is with you, please keep to the social distancing two-metre rule.
  • If your attendance is not essential, please leave our engineer to safely continue the work alone. 
  • Our engineers will wipe over the work area surfaces they touch, and should they require a bathroom visit or handwashing facilities, they will treat any touched surfaces in the same manner.
  • While our engineers appreciate the offer of tea or coffee, they will decline in order to minimise unnecessary contact. Safety is always our overriding priority.

Our company policies and these guidelines are for the safety of our customers and colleagues during the coronavirus pandemic. We are keeping a close eye on government guidelines and will update our policies as needed.

Please contact us if you would like any further clarification on the guidance set out here or would like to book an installation.