SmartFlower Solar Panel

The smart, simple & stunning solar system to power your home, business or electric vehicle

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The world’s most intelligent smart solar charging system

The smart tracking system is the core of SmartFlower’s brilliance. Every morning at sunrise, SmartFlower automatically unfolds itself. The dual-axis system allows SmartFlower’s solar panels to follow the sun across the sky throughout the day, always maintaining the optimal angle to the sun. This makes SmartFlower 40% more efficient than a conventional solar system and capable of producing 4,000-6,400 kWh/year, depending on your location.

There’s no better way to showcase your commitment to sustainability than with a SmartFlower solar system.

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What are the main benefits of installing SmartFlower

SmartFlower is a revolutionary solar energy system. Beneath its elegant design is a remarkably intelligent system; fully integrated with smart features that make SmartFlower up to 40% more efficient in providing you or your business with clean energy.

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Here a few examples of SmartFlower installations providing 40% more efficiency than a conventional solar panel system.

Integrating SmartFlower with your business and EV charging

Smartflower Car Ev Charging
Smartflower morning to night

SmartFlower can be used to charge electric vehicles thanks to easy integration with external EV charging stations. For organizations and companies, EV charging capacity is your “green business card” and is perfect for providing clean and reliable energy. Here are some examples of businesses that would benefit from installing a SmartFlower solar panel are:

Small businesses and offices
Public spaces
Shopping Centres

Plus, many more locations

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