Rapid EV chargers provide you with the solution to charge your vehicle in minutes not hours!

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Rapid EV chargers provide you with the solution to charge your vehicle in minutes not hours!

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Rapid Ev Charger Installation

Rapid Charging EV Stations

Our 40kW DC Rapid Charger is the ultimate low-cost solution for businesses keeping their vehicles on-the-go with fast and convenient charging. Our 40kw DC Charger can add up to 150 miles of range an hour which is a minimum of 5 times faster than regular AC charging.

Rapid chargers are perfect for commercial, retail, fleets, taxi’s and other businesses to help keep your staff on-the-go and provide your business with a new way to attract customers, increase revenue and increase the value of your property.

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What are the main benefits of a rapid EV charge point?

Our 40kw fast chargers are the perfect solution to allow EV customers a fast way to charge and can go on their way or for businesses looking to keep their vehicles on-the-go and providing their customers/staff with a convenient way of charging their vehicle quickly.

Find out how a rapid charger can benefit you

Here at Anglia Car Charging we are OLEV approved installers. Our rapid chargers are compatible with all available electric vehicles that have a rapid charge option.

Why choose Anglia Car Charging for your rapid EV charger?

Our rapid EV charger stations are packed with great features, OLEV approved, and are the best value on the market today. They can be supplied as a wall or pedestal mounted unit.

Our fast charging stations provide up to 150 miles from just one hour’s charge
We help future proof your business
Save you money by keeping your fleet moving
3-year warranty included
Aftercare plans to suit your business
We’ve worked with some of the largest businesses across the region

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Rapid Ev Charger product

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