Project Description

By installing electric vehicle charge points in its HQ staff car park, Suffolk County Council (SCC) hopes to encourage more staff to consider using electric and hybrid vehicles, helping to improve Ipswich’s air quality. The council also has a couple of fully electric Renault Zoes in its pool car fleet which staff can use when travelling for work purposes, and SCC’s small fleet of Highways vans will soon include its first fully electric (Nissan) van, hopefully the first of many.

We installed thirteen charge points, mostly onto steel mounting posts, in keeping with the minimal industrial aesthetic of the car park. This bespoke design was devised by Anglia Car Charging’s MD Richard Seppings and provided an innovative solution.

“Anglia Car Charging installed the charge points competently, and I am entirely happy with the quality of the equipment. I wouldn’t hesitate in using Anglia Car Charging’s services again.”

Janus van Helvert
Suffolk County Council

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