Our Environmental Policy & Action Plan

At Anglia Car Charging it is our commitment to reduce the impact on the environment of our business activity, and continually set objectives and targets to further improve our environmental performance.

Our Environmental Policy | June 2022 Version 2

1. Environmental Policy Statement

Anglia Car Charging was established through a passion to halt the ecological damage that fossil-fuelled transport has on the environment and a vision to help create a future where travel does not impact the Earth.

Our head office is located on the company owners’ land in a beautiful, natural, and unspoilt area nestled between south Norfolk and north Suffolk. We are surrounded by nature – trees, woodland, wildflowers, birds. Part of the owners’ vision is to spread the word for a more compassionate, cleaner and natural world. They have created a haven for insects and wildlife by rewilding a large parcel of their land and creating several small natural ponds. Their rewilding scheme has been accredited by Suffolk Wildlife Trust. But they want to do more than simply create a wildlife area. Their ambition is to use the site for education, inviting small groups of children to a “Meadow School” to help educate the next generations into how to care for our natural world. The first group of children from a local primary academy is visiting in July 2022.

For the company’s employees, there is a natural correlation between the company we work for, our surroundings and the owners’ ethos, enthusiasm, and commitment for a cleaner more sustainable environment. We strive to make this our key driving principle.

We understand this is not a vision that can be achieved immediately but we view this as part of our journey. As a business we try to consider our environmental impact in everything that we do.

2. Key Environmental Impacts

• We use technology where possible to hold meetings if we do not need to travel. For meetings where transport is required, we aim to use the most environmentally friendly solution eg: electric company car or train.

• Our fleet of company cars are all fully electric for both management and sales.

• Our energy is supplied by a 100% renewable energy supplier and Britain’s greenest energy company. They have been our provider for the last ten years.

3. Commitment

As a company we aim and are committed to:

• Stopping the purchase of fossil fuels by the end of 2022.

• Reducing our carbon footprint

• Recycling collection – we recycle our waste wherever possible.

• Purchasing eco-friendly office supplies – FSC certified, eco-friendly or recycled copier paper, eco-friendly office supplies and sustainable/fairtrade tea and coffee.

• Copying/printing – we try to print only what we need to, and this is always double-sided and normally black/white.

• Suppliers – those suppliers who do not use environmentally friendly packaging material, we approach and question. One supplier who has not changed their packaging, we ask them to collect and return it to their base.

• Installing solar panels – the company is looking to install solar panels on the roof of the head office and integrate this into our own electricity supply for the office and to charge our electric car fleet.

• We are hoping to become a member of the Carbon Charter.

4. Future targets

As a company we will strive to:

• Use suppliers with environmental credentials

• Monitor our carbon footprint

• Create an environment action plan so that environmental targets can be monitored and achieved

5. Spreading the word

Every customer contact is an opportunity to spread the word (Carbon Charter).

Become part of a sustainable business network with the Carbon Charter. Find out more about the benefits of Carbon Charter Certification and Membership on their website.

Carbon Charter

Our Environmental Action Plan

Our environmental action plan details out our objectives and timescales for completing these to help further improve our commitment to making our business greener and in line with the Carbon Charter values which are outlined in our environmental policy above.

Environmental Action Plan

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