I am one of the first to glaze over when trying to understand the details of calculations. Tell me about percentages of P11D values and I am quickly lost.

But reduced tax on electric vehicles is more than just significant… it is a huge factor!

There’s a great website for doing the calculations and allowing direct comparisons between 2 vehicles. Have a look at this website!

I’ve just done a couple of quick comparisons (selecting models of similar P11D value):

  • Nissan Leaf vs Audi A3 – saves more than £6,000 over 2017-2020.
  • Renault Zoe vs VW Polo – saves more than £2,300 over 2017-2020
  • Tesla Model S vs Mercedes E Class – saves a whopping £26,000 over 2017-2020.

More reasons to get switched on to Electric Vehicles!

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