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EV Charging

As the experts in East Anglia on Commercial EV charging, we’re here to help you find the right solution for helping you offer an EV solution to your customers and visitors. We provide solutions for businesses and local authorities including contactless payment charging stations, rapid charging, end-to-end ChargePoint management and more.

We bring you the best possible Commercial EV solutions.

With many businesses looking to switch their fleets to electric vehicles ahead of the 2030 whilst also providing EV charging solutions for visitors and customers, a reliable and intelligent commercial EV charging station is vital for your business or local authority.

Here at Anglia Car Charging we have a large range of commercial EV charging solutions at highly competitive prices from leading suppliers around the UK to suit your businesses individual needs, including standard, fast and rapid EV chargers.

Our expert team can provide you with an accurate quote and solution with our free, no obligation site survey and consultation, where we will help provide you with a full commercial electric vehicle charging infrastructure from initial discussion through to installation and maintenance.

Charge a Tariff for your EV stations

Our commercial solutions provide you with the control and flexibility of setting your own tariffs, based on the needs of your business or public destination.

You can also setup RFID cards and contactless payment methods to ensure all visitors have a variety of options to pay. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to make significant revenues from your commercial EV chargers and provide regular visitors or staff a way of being able to access the EV chargers at different rates.

Commercial EV charging Solutions

Local Authorities, Industries & Businesses

We provide commercial EV solutions to a wide variety of businesses and councils.

We provide EV charging solutions for councils, large multi-site organisations and SME’s around the East of England.

One of our main aim’s is to provide sustainability in all of our solutions for each individual customer. The commercial EV infrastructures we install following our FREE site survey and consultation are both scalable for the future and will help enable your business or local authority to adapt and build to a cleaner EV future.

Trusted by local councils and a wide variety of companies across the east of England including:

Suffolk County Council
Saxon Air Aviation
The Broads Authority
Woodland Holiday Park
Holden Group
Commercial Contactless EV Charging

With Anglia Car Charging’s commercial EV charging solutions you can….

Generate Revenue

Charge visitors to use your commercial EV charging points, by setting your own tariffs and billing per kWh/hr session.

Provide Contactless Payment

Provide visitors with simple and fast contactless payments – no need to download an app to pay, just tap and go!

Build Customer Loyalty

Provide visitors with an EV vehicle a reason to visit your business and help grow a loyal customer base.

Spread The Cost

Minimise your upfront capital outlay with our range of financing or monthly leasing payment solutions.

Scale Your EV Solutions

Add more commercial EV charging points to your business’s infrastructure as and when demand increases.

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Need help finding out if you’re Eligible for the OZEV charging grant?

All of our commercial EV chargers have been accredited by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) meaning they qualify for the Workplace Charging Grant. Our experts can help find out your eligibility to reduce the cost of your Workplace chargers by up to £14,000.

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OZEV Commercial EV Charging grant

Why Choose Anglia Car Charging

Our dedicated and expert team are here for you all the way from survey through to installation, grant application if applicable and aftercare/maintenance on your system.

Anglia Car Charging are an independent EV supplier which means we can tailor the right solution to your business at the right price from a wide range of EV suppliers.

We take the time to understand every individual business needs to tailor the perfect solution to help them save money and future-proof their business with our FREE Consultations.

We provide a range of options for payments including where applicable applying for the grants for our customers, finance available, or lease agreements to split your costs across monthly payments with a range of deposits. We can tailor a solution for every different client.

We can integrate contactless payment into our commercial chargers. Simple, fast, and easy. Pay as you go chargers that provide customers with a quick way and simple way of adding electricity without the need to download an app.

We are based in East Anglia and provide a fast and trusted service to customers in Norfolk and Suffolk. With Anglia Car Charging we always have someone close by to support our customers.

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Our workplace, commercial, fleet and public chargers are compatible with all available plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles.

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