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Rapid EV Charging Points Installed, Maintained & Monitored For Car Parks

Solutions for big multi-storeys, privately owned car parks, and local authority car parks. No apps needed! Visitors can simply tap and pay with either a credit or debit card, allowing you to generate extra revenue. Book Your FREE survey and estimate today.

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EV Charging Solutions For Car Parks

Anglia Car Charging – Your Local Partner For Electric Vehicle Charging 

Anglia Car Charging can provide your car park with full support throughout your EV enquiry from initial estimate and site survey through to installation, OZEV grant application (if applicable), ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

Whether you’re looking to install one or two EV charge points, or a larger scale system, we can provide an EV solution tailored to your individual car park needs.

All of our chargers are packed with great features including contactless payments and are all OZEV approved. Being an independent provider, we supply chargers from a wide variety of suppliers so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal at a very competitive price. We also have a range of payment plans for you to spread the costs of your EV system over simple monthly payments as well as other leasing and financing solutions available.

Ready to find out more? Our expert team can provide you with an accurate quote and solution for your car park EV charging needs with our free, no-obligation site survey.

Multi storey EV charger install

The Main Benefits Of An EV Charging System in a Car Park?

Need help finding out if you’re eligible for the OZEV workplace charging grant?

All of our EV chargers have been accredited by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) meaning they qualify for the Workplace Charging Grant. Our experts can help find out your eligibility to reduce the cost of supplying and installing chargers by up to £14,000 (The grant cap is set at £350 incl VAT per socket/charge point).

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OZEV Commercial EV Charging grant

Trusted by local councils and a wide variety of businesses across the East of England including:

Suffolk County Council
Saxon Air Aviation
The Broads Authority
Woodland Holiday Park
Holden Group

Some frequently asked questions on our Car Park EV charging systems

Prices vary depending on the EV system suitable for your car park (such as rapid charger, number of charge points, etc). We will provide you the best price possible that meets your exact needs and budget. Get in touch for a free quote today.

Most businesses are entitled to the OZEV grant of £350 per charging socket, for up to 20 sockets. Speak to us to find out more, our team will help you with the OZEV grant so, Get in touch for you free quote today.

We provide various options including contactless payments (customers simply tap and pay with their card) as well as charge point solutions with various other payment methods. We can also provide RFID cards for people so they can use the charge points at an agreed rate for them individually. Get in touch for your free bespoke quote today.
We provide a number of different EV chargers at the best possible prices from across all of the leading manufacturers. We do recommend for public use to future-proof your car park a rapid charging unit to provide the best and fastest EV charging for your guests and users. Get in touch for your free bespoke quote today.
The number of EV charging points that you can install will vary depending on a number of things including the electrical grid supply in your area. We provide a free site survey to help ensure that you can install the best charging system at your car park, and provide you with the most accurate costs. Get in touch for your free bespoke quote today.

Yes. We provide a free site survey to help ensure that any new EV charging points are perfect for your business at the most accurate cost. We will also review your current system and provide options to ensure this is suitable and gives you the maximum value.  Get in touch for your free bespoke quote today.

We provide through our charge point systems a fully managed service where we will take care of the monitoring and maintenance of your EV system. You will also have access to a tailored system where you will easily be able to see the usage, carbon footprint, and revenue from your EV system.  Get in touch for your free bespoke quote today.

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